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Brand: Emerson
Industry Focus: Marine/Offshore, Transportation
Product Type: Embedded Control

Emerson has modified its AVENTICS Marex 3D Joystick system for easy integration into existing vessels. Designed to enable single-handed operation of yachts, speedboats and pleasure craft, the joystick system provides the user with outstanding precision, for stress-free and safe maneuvers. Optional dynamic positioning features round off the convenience package.




Brand: TraceSoftware
Industry Focus: Automotive, General Manufacturing, Industrial, Power Distribution & Energy
Product Type: Control Software

elec calc now includes new features that allows the calculation of the quantified elements of the Arc Flash, from which the user will be able to develop its safety analysis in the vicinity of switchboards and panels. The Arc Flash module for elec calc is based on the calculation methods recommended by the IEEE-1584-2018 standard: empirically derived model or method of Lee according to the characteristics of the installation.




Brand: IDEC
Industry Focus: Automotive, General Manufacturing, Industrial
Product Type: Displays/HMI

A unique handheld HMI with added features like a hardwired E-stop button, selector switch and enabling switch help users maximize productivity while delivering dependable safety for any machine. At only 500g and with contoured hand grips, a hand strap and a wall hanging bracket, the HG1P series of operator interface handheld models feature an ergonomic design, making them comfortable for use over a long duration and ensuring fatigue-free operation.




Industry Focus: General Manufacturing, Industrial
Product Type: Connctors/Cables/Terminal Blocks

Banner’s Lighted Cordsets feature built-in indication for high visibility of power and sensor output status. See, diagnose and resolve issues faster with clear indication. The Lighted Cordsets effectively communicates device status to users with glowing, bright green and yellow colors. It features high visibility of power and sensor output status from a distance or at an angle. With indication capability built into the cordset, it is a cost-effective solution that provides speed and clarity.




Industry Focus: Automotive, Building Controls, Data, General Manufacturing, Industrial
Product Type: Enclosures

Color-coded trims are now available as an option on ROLEC’s starCASE premium plastic enclosures for industrial electronics. Elegant but tough IP 66 rated starCASE can be installed anywhere – on walls, machines and bulkheads. Applications include monitoring systems, IIoT, HVAC controllers, safety equipment, factory automation, security systems and test and measurement.




Industry Focus: General Manufacturing, Industrial
Product Type: Thermal Management

Besides filter fans and cabinet heaters we also offer a wide range of enclosure accessories. Thermostats and hygrostats from Seifert ensure an optimal climate inside your enclosures or cabinets. Our thermostats are available either as normally closed / NC (red disk) or as normally open NO (blue disk). NC thermostat are used for regulating heaters or for alarm signals when the enclosure temperature is falling below the preset minimum value.




Brand: AutomationDirect
Industry Focus: General Manufacturing, Industrial
Product Type: Switches/Indicators/Relays/Solenoids

AutomationDirect has added more options for high precision limit switches from Metrol. High-temperature precision limit switches have been added that provide a 10 micron accuracy and are rated for temperatures of up to 200⁰C. New high-vacuum resistance limit switches are high precision with an accuracy of 10 microns as well and are designed to be used in a PA high-vacuum environment.




Brand: Littelfuse
Industry Focus: Automotive, Building Controls, Data
Product Type: Switches/Indicators/Relays/Solenoids

Littelfuse, Inc. recently introduced an expanded reed relay product portfolio that extends voltage capabilities to include AC ratings, supports AC or DC loads up to 300 Vdc, and provides input/output isolation voltage 2500 VRMS. These miniature reed relays are available in single In-line (SIL) and dual-in-line (DIL) packages. Typical applications for the reed relays include position and speed sensing in a broad array of markets.




Industry Focus: General Manufacturing, Industrial
Product Type: Connctors/Cables/Terminal Blocks

The 110-M-216-SMD is a pin strip for the reflow soldering process in a horizontal version with a pitch of 3.5 mm and available in 2 to 12 poles. This product is characterized by the "Floating Anchors". They are movable in vertical direction and achieve 100% coplanarity. Side flanges improve the stability and increase the adhesion force on the PC board.




Brand: Schmersal
Industry Focus: Automotive, General Manufacturing, Industrial
Product Type: Sensors

Safety light curtains are a non-separating guard used for the protection of hazardous areas. They detect the passage of objects and direct the machine to stop the hazard. Because they do not provide a physical barrier, consideration must be made to place them a suitable distance from the hazard point to ensure the hazard is stopped in time. 




Editor's Pick: Featured Product News


Rittal is replacing its previous KS series with the new fibreglass enclosures AX and so completely redefining fibreglass enclosure technology. The development is based on Rittal’s technology for sheet steel and stainless-steel enclosures, which can be used to greatly simplify and speed up manufacturing processes in panel building and switchgear manufacturing. Now, for the first time, fibreglass enclosures also feature this system technology. This is a win-win situation for plant constructors:

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Article Feature - Monthly Industry Focus

JAE recently announced the launch of the MX72C / D Series, a squib connector for automotive SRS devices that conforms to the interface standard with omitted shorting bar (shunt-less), and is becoming popular in Europe and the United States.

Recent changes to automotive passenger safety requirements worldwide is serving as a catalyst to an increased level of collision safety performance, especially in Europe and the United States is expected to grow. In addition to the common SRS devices found in a vehicle, new applications such as knee, thorax and pedestrian airbags have begun to trend in an effort to ensure human safety.

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News for Panel Builders
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Siemens Smart Infrastructure released its new public fast charger Sicharge D for the IEC markets. It is suited for highway and urban fast charging stations, city parking as well as shopping malls and provides one of highest peak efficiencies on the market at 96 percent, scalable charging power and dynamic power sharing.

“With its upgradability and dynamic charging, it is a big step forward to support the future of eMobility. Our customers can be sure to be prepared for future eventualities of eMobility, be it increasing number of required charging options or increasing charging speeds,” said Birgit Dargel, Global Head of Future Grids at Siemens Smart Infrastructure.

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Whether manufacturing packaging machines or components for airliners, companies must be able to guarantee all metal parts will remain durable and dependable throughout the product’s lifecycle. Recognizing this challenge, LSP Technologies pioneered an effective method to increase the strength of metal parts: surface treatment with pulsed laser beams. One of their most recent laser peening systems relies on the flexibility of EtherCAT and PC-based control technology from Beckhoff to meet the most diverse customer requirements.

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Selecting a panel meter for a particular application can be a daunting task, given the wide variety of products that are available today. There are many factors to consider when making a decision. Let’s look at a few of the major items.


Panel meters can be categorized by type, size, style or other criteria. One way to begin the selection process is to look at the meter’s function – what measurement is this meter making? Some common functions are ammeter, voltmeter, frequency meter, power meter, energy meter, counter, timer, temperature meter, process meter, and controller.

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