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Brand: nVent
Industry Focus: Healthcare, Pharmaceutical
Product Type: Thermal Management


nVent Electric plc  recently introduced the nVent SCHROFF Varistar LHX+, a standardized modular cooling system with a cooling performance of up to 10 kW. The system is built into the nVent SCHROFF cabinet and uses a specialized air-water heat exchanger to cool the electronics to a precise temperature to optimize performance. “We have developed a market-ready cooling unit that can be used in any application that requires the highest degree of measurement precision"




Industry Focus: General Manufacturing, Industrial
Product Type: Thermal Management

Besides filter fans and cabinet heaters we also offer a wide range of enclosure accessories. Thermostats and hygrostats from Seifert ensure an optimal climate inside your enclosures or cabinets. Our thermostats are available either as normally closed / NC (red disk) or as normally open NO (blue disk). NC thermostat are used for regulating heaters or for alarm signals when the enclosure temperature is falling below the preset minimum value.




Brand: Hammond Manufacturing
Industry Focus: Data, Industrial
Product Type: Thermal Management


Introducing the 125-1300W fan heater with built-in thermostat (-18 C to +38 C) (0 F to +100 F), designed to prevent condensation or maintain minimum temperature in enclosures. This fan heater features a Fan Auto/On switch with pilot light for Heat On indication, high temperature safety protection, and an aluminum alloy outer casing, and has a connection via terminal block.




Brand: Emerson
Industry Focus: Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical
Product Type: Thermal Management

Emerson recently introduced its new Lumity brand of analytics software and digital solutions to help safeguard critical products like food and temperature-sensitive medications. Emerson’s Lumity portfolio is connecting a suite of products to create customizable solutions to enable the highest level of visibility and control of consumer goods throughout the entire supply chain.




Brand: Rittal
Industry Focus: Data, General Manufacturing
Product Type: Thermal Management


Data Centre and Plant Managers working in small and mid-sized businesses often find themselves searching their buildings for unused space to house the company’s IT and other enclosures. Mailrooms, empty offices, janitors’ closets…all have been repurposed into data closets holding one to a few racks. This approach may be the right choice in terms of square footage needed, but when it comes to proper climate conditions for sensitive IT equipment, it could not be more wrong.




Brand: Lutze
Industry Focus: General Manufacturing, Industrial
Product Type: Switches/Indicators/Relays/Solenoids

AirSTREAM Compact is used in smaller, compact cabinets in which there is little space in the depth. The rail profiles on the AirSTREAM Compact are not carried with brackets but with supports. These are available in various lengths so that different depths can be achieved. As usual, wiring is installed at the front. Here, the cores are installed to the rear across the combs and then at the side from top to bottom across the supports.




Industry Focus: Automotive, Data, General Manufacturing, Industrial
Product Type: Thermal Management


Struggling to have proper heat distribution within your enclosure? Don’t let temperature and condensation derail your mission-critical applications. STEGO is here to help with a wide array of FAN HEATERS that are available in both AC and DC variants. These high-performance heaters are designed to distribute heating power evenly and consistently throughout the whole enclosure. This series of STEGOs heaters are ideal for enclosures where space is at a premium.




Real-time, continuous, modular thermal monitoring with OSHA compliant safety features, UL approved & CE Certified (Pending Approval), no maintenance, easy installation & access, connected, and user-configurable for your most demanding applications. Suitable for commercial and industrial applications, SEM3T is a reliable and easily installed thermal monitoring solution which can monitor numerous locations within low voltage apparatus including bus joints, lug landings, bus ducts, transformers and circuit breakers.




Industry Focus: Data, General Manufacturing, Industrial, Power Distribution & Energy
Product Type: Thermal Management


The compact compressor can be adjusted to the required cooling capacity with variable speed via a controller and thus only consumes the amount of electricity that is actually required to cool the current power losses. By continuously adapting the cooling capacity, a very constant enclosure temperature is achieved which means that the electronic components and the cooling unit are significantly less stressed. In addition, the formation of condensation inside the enclosure is minimised.




Industry Focus: Data, Power Distribution & Energy
Product Type: Thermal Management

Orion Fans IP69K-rated AC and DC fans are the optimal solution for restrictive environments. The IP69K rating ensures that no damage will occur to electronics during washdown procedures and that no contaminants will enter the fan motor. These fans are rigorously spray tested with 80°C water every 30 seconds with the spray nozzle being 4-6 inches from the fan. The water sprays from 4 angles and is considered a high-pressure stream.




Editor's Pick: Featured Product News


The Compax3 Servo drive is far from a new product. Developed by the Electromechanical and Drives Division Europe, Parker's global servo drive platform is widely used in industrial manufacturing to control motorized processes in automated assembly, including robotics and the machining of parts. Parker’s customers are well-acquainted with the benefits of the drives used in packaging, the production of sheet goods and the operation of printing presses, as well as automated testing equipment for both automotive and consumer goods.

Recently however, the Compax3 has found new purpose in healthcare and life sciences markets where precise and safe movement is paramount. The drive’s flexibility, accuracy and comprehensive list of safety features has led to its adoption in positioning tables, exercise equipment and therapy devices.

A Chinese medical equipment manufacturer has designed an effective, efficient rehabilitation device with intelligent feedback that relies on Parker parts for safe, stable and reliable motion control.

For some people with physical disabilities, appropriate exercise training with rehabilitation equipment can prevent muscle atrophy and improve muscular strength and dexterity in upper and lower limbs. Different patients require varying levels of intensity and training modes.

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In the past, enclosure accessories were limited to being Recognized Components which might have required the end user to initiate additional evaluation in order to allow the use of these products. The new certification for environmental-rated accessories for enclosures utilizes the UL Listing Mark, so enclosure accessories can be installed without further evaluation.

New Listing Certification for US and Canada (FTTA/FTTA7)

This new Listing certification for enclosure accessories assists manufacturers who utilize Type or IP rated enclosures (for example, Types 3R and 4X or IP55 and IP66) in being able to use Type or IP rated enclosure accessories such as window kits, hole plugs, filter fan kits, etc. The benefits of this new Listing certification are two-fold: it is more cost efficient for manufacturers and it can also accelerate market access for end users.

Types of Listed Products

  • • Bolts • Breather Vents • Drain Vents
  • • External Mounting Means • Filter Fan Kits • Gasketed Screws
  • • Gland Plates • Hole Seals • Overlays
  • • Rain Shrouds • Sealing Washers • Ventilation Kits
  • • Window Kits

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