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Brand: Pepperl+Fuchs
Industry Focus: Industrial
Product Type: Test and Measurement


There are rotary encoders and IO-Link products, but what is an IO-Link absolute rotary encoder? It may be best to start with the rotary encoder. The rotary encoder is an electro-mechanical device that converts angular position into a digital signal. The rotary encoder can be incremental or absolute, depending on the need to know the exact position after a power cycle.




Brand: Fluke
Industry Focus: General Manufacturing, Industrial
Product Type: Test and Measurement


Fluke Process Instruments recently introduced the MP Linescanner Series, which delivers continuous, accurate, edge-to-edge thermal images and temperature measurements for high-speed manufacturing processes. The new imagers deliver real-time imaging at scans speeds up to 300 Hz and feature Fluke’s widest selection of spectral and temperature ranges to accommodate a variety of industrial applications.




Brand: Murata
Industry Focus: General Manufacturing, Industrial
Product Type: Displays/HMI, Test and Measurement

Murata has developed a series of miniature DC panel meters developed for industrial and laboratory voltage and current measurement applications.


Many manufacturers use time-consuming and potentially dangerous manual processes to inspect servo motors for insulation issues. If this sounds like your company, it might be time to switch over to an automated, remote-based servo motor condition monitoring solution that works around the clock. Omron's new K7GE remote servo condition monitor is part of their predictive maintenance solution offering that’s designed to help manufacturers minimize downtime without sacrificing productivity.




Brand: Yokogawa
Industry Focus: Industrial, Oil & Gas, Power Distribution & Energy
Product Type: Test and Measurement


Yokogawa Electric Corporation have recently announced that it has developed the TDLS8200 probe type tunable diode laser spectrometer and will release it for sale on May 6 as part of its OpreX™ Analyzer family. While featuring the same low installation cost, high measurement stability, and high reliability of the preceding TDLS8100, the TDLS8200 will be able to simultaneously measure oxygen, carbon monoxide, and methane gas concentrations directly and at high speed.




Brand: Yokogawa
Industry Focus: General Manufacturing, Power Distribution & Energy, Transportation
Product Type: Sensors, Test and Measurement


Yokogawa Test & Measurement Corporation recently announced that it has developed the 760903 current sensor element for use with the company’s world-class power measurement solution, the WT5000 precision power analyzer. The 760903 current sensor element includes a number of new features that simplify the setup and use of external current sensors. This new product will go on sale on April 6.




Industry Focus: General Manufacturing, Industrial
Product Type: Test and Measurement


Novotechnik’s MAP 4000 Series features include programmable input selection and mathematical functions as well as up to four limit switches, and analog outputs. It can perform up to 40 measurements/sec. The MAP 4000 Series’ limit switches are programmable and operate via relays. The multifunctional inputs are also programmable for potentiometers, DC voltage, current/voltage, resistance, and temperature sensors.




Brand: Roxtec
Industry Focus: Data, Healthcare, Power Distribution & Energy
Product Type: Test and Measurement


The new Roxtec electrical continuity test stick enables you to check the electrical performance of cable transit installations using Roxtec BG or ES sealing modules. Just attach it to the cable shield or armor during installation to ensure a measuring point outside each sealing module. Then use any electrical continuity tester to measure the resistance between the cable shield or armor and the frame to get a quick indication of the electrical performance of the system.




Industry Focus: Data, General Manufacturing, Industrial
Product Type: Test and Measurement


The 338 Series Optical Wavelength Meter from Bristol Instruments combines speed and affordability to address the most important requirements of optical transceiver manufacturers. The model 338 has a high measurement rate of 25 Hz that results in reduced testing times and greater production throughput. And, its affordable price point, along with a five-year warranty, provides the lowest cost of ownership compared with similar systems.




Brand: Bel-Fuse
Industry Focus: Building Controls, Healthcare, Industrial
Product Type: Test and Measurement


Bel Power Solutions, a Bel group company introduces 100W 4-pair, Power over Ethernet, NBASE-T / 802.3bz Magnetic Modules. The 100W Magnetic Modules are aimed at engineers who are developing products to be compliant with the NBASE-T / IEEE 802.3bz and 802.3bt standards, while optimizing performance and reliability. The 100W 4-pair PoE Magnetic Modules can transmit up to 100W of power, utilizing Ethernet cable that is compatible with the desired bandwidth.