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C&K's 7000 Series locking toggle switch is now available with a knurled grip for nonslip performance.

L-com releases Category 8 tool-less keystone jacks and a field termination RJ45 plug with PoE++ compliance.

Dinkle DPTD6The new disconnect terminal blocks from Dinkle implement plug-in technology, safe design, and space savings with testing capabilities for use in CT and VT secondary circuits.

Bloomy BS1200The Battery Simulator 1200 from Bloomy provides isolated channels to simulate battery sink and source characteristics often used for battery management system (BMS) testing, verification, and validation.

L-com L-com expands waterproof USB 3.0 cable assembly offering to address harsh environment connectivity applications.

L-Com LL SeriesL-com introduces new line of 18 GHz, LL142 & LL335i rugged low-loss cables. The smaller diameter of these new 18 GHz coax cables provides a tighter bend radius while offering low loss and higher power when compared to solid dielectric cables.

ODU AMC High Density ConnectorThe ODU AMC® High-Density Chrome-Plated is a miniature connector solution design that provides the highest possible number of contacts in the most compact space.

Electronics enclosures are used in countless test/analytics/measurement devices for many applications. This includes various instrument systems in Oil & Gas, Industrial & Power Control, Medical, Lab/Test, and Military designs. Serving all of these types of devices requires a wealth of cooling options for instrument cases.

Pixus Stackable Enclosure Pixus Technologies now offers a configuration of its RiCase enclosures that are ideal for stacking. The instrumentation cases have   interlacing tabs that provide a secure connection ensuring that stacked units do not fall.

Whether for transportation or industrial applications: the ability to quickly and accurately detect current is required in order to precisely control power electronics systems such as frequency converters, traction converters, UPS systems or welding systems. Current sensors are electromechanical components which deliver a precise, real-time representation of the input and output currents. The measuring signals are then used (e.g. in frequency converters) for precisely controlling the power semiconductors and for monitoring performance and functionality.