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Industry Focus: Industrial, Mining, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Water & Waste Water
Product Type: Displays/HMI, Sensors

Arjay Engineering announces the upgrade of their 4100-HCF controller to display liquid level in addition to the current oil thickness display.

Industry Focus: Automotive, Industrial
Product Type: Sensors


Introducing the T30R-1515 radar sensor from Banner Engineering. The 15° × 15° models of the T30R radar sensor can now measure the distance to objects at closer range. While the minimum presence/absence detection range of 150 mm has not changed, the nearfield measurement range has been improved. The sensor can now measure the distance to items as close as 200 mm away (a 100-mm improvement over previous specifications of 300 mm).




Brand: Balluff
Industry Focus: Industrial
Product Type: Sensors


The newest addition to Balluff’s portfolio of magnetic field sensors can be used on any pneumatic cylinder with a C-slot, regardless of the manufacturer. The universal design allows the new models to replace several previous versions. Using fewer sensor variants reduces inventory needs and, therefore, costs. Flush-mountable and available in an extremely short design, these were designed for space-critical applications.




Brand: PILZ
Industry Focus: General Manufacturing, Industrial
Product Type: Sensors


For safe protection zone monitor in rugged conditions such as dust, dirt, rain, light, sparks or vibrations, the safe radar sensor PSENradar, in conjunction with the configurable small controller PNOZmulti 2, offers the optimum solution: in addition to outdoor applications and areas in woodworking and metalworking, it is now also possible to safeguard robot applications because the solution achieves a higher category Cat. 3 / PL d.




Brand: Pepperl+Fuchs
Industry Focus: Industrial
Product Type: Sensors


From milling machines to pumps and fans to wind turbines—wherever vibrations occur, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance play a crucial role in ensuring personnel and plant protection. In order to perform reliable measurements of vibration velocity and acceleration in low- or high-frequency ranges, Pepperl+Fuchs offers three new vibration sensor series.




Brand: OKW Enclosures
Industry Focus: Data, General Manufacturing, Healthcare, Industrial, Pharmaceutical
Product Type: Enclosures, Sensors

OKW has added four new larger sizes to its EASYTEC IIoT/sensor enclosures range.

Industry Focus: General Manufacturing, Industrial
Product Type: Sensors


SX-Series safety laser scanners protect personnel, equipment, and mobile equipment within a user-defined region. Banner’s new SX5-B6 can continuously scan a 275° area to create a two-dimensional protected zone around a potential hazard or obstruction. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically, installed to monitor the space around corners, or positioned centrally to observe two separate 90° zones, or attached to automated guided vehicles (AGV) to prevent collisions.




Mezalok Connector ThumbnailTE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, introduces its Mezalok High-Speed Low-Force (HSLF) XMC connector to support data rate speeds up to 32+ Gb/s for improved signal processing on embedded computing applications.

Industry Focus: Healthcare, Industrial
Product Type: Sensors


Banner introduces an additional sensor to its Q45 family, increasing the amount of model types within the series and broadening the applications that can be monitored. The Q45DPSD Differential Pressure Sensor continues to build upon the line of sensors compatible with Banner’s wireless network, and lets users monitor an additional application. Each Q45 sensor includes Banner’s reliable, field-proven wireless architecture and sensing transducers, eliminating the need to order multiple components.




Industry Focus: General Manufacturing, Industrial
Product Type: Sensors


The updated EZ-Array with IO-Link provides a much-anticipated upgrade. This allows for more data availability via process data and enables significantly faster data transfers. The EZ-Array series of measuring light curtains feature closely spaced infrared beams that detect objects as small as 5 mm. Updated IO-Link receiver models with expanded process data options offer the ability to access additional information.




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Extremely space-saving and flexible

The C60xx series of scalable ultra-compact Industrial PCs combines maximum computing power in what is currently the most compact format with a wide range of options for installation in the control cabinet. It is ideally suited for control, visualization and communication, for example into the cloud.

The latest Intel processors − in three different performance classes, from the Intel Atom with one core to the Intel Core i7 with eight cores – offer maximum scalability and power density with an optimal price-performance ratio.

Performance classes and application areas

The C601x series offers Intel Atom computing power for a wide range of automation and visualization tasks. Due to their impressive computing power in relation to their size, the PCs are mainly suited for use in Industrie 4.0 applications, for example as an IoT gateway.

The C603x series unites high-performance Intel Core-i processors with extremely compact housing dimensions. The processors from the 65 W class have only been used in the much larger ATX-based Industrial PCs up to now. The devices thus represent a new dimension in terms of power density. They are suitable above all for particularly complex automation and visualization tasks, but also for a wide range of other applications in the field of image processing, the handling of large volumes of data and in the IoT environment.

The C602x series is the link between the C601x and the C603x, and the fanless integration of Intel Core-i-U processors of the 15 W class opens up new application areas and options.

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