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Brand: Balluff
Industry Focus: Automotive, General Manufacturing, Industrial
Product Type: Power Supplies

Modern-day automation places demands on the efficiency of each and every system. Balluff power supplies are designed by Balluff with control products in mind, so you can be sure they will integrate perfectly with your control suite.




Industry Focus: Transportation
Product Type: Power Supplies

Parker Hannifin has recently announced the latest addition to its Global Vehicle Motor (GVM) family of high-power, permanent magnet AC motors (PMACs). The GVM310 has a 310mm frame and provides a traction solution for on-road and off-road commercial electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). These include construction vehicles, city buses, light construction and materials and mining vehicles.




Industry Focus: General Manufacturing, Industrial
Product Type: Power Supplies

B&K Precision recently announced the 9140 Series Triple Output Multi-Range DC Power Supplies. With three isolated and individually controllable outputs, the 9140 (32 V, 8 A) and 9141 (60 V, 4 A) provide up to 300 W of clean power with low ripple and noise or 100 W per channel in a compact 2U half-rack form factor. The front panel features a 4.3-inch LCD and unique output terminals that support sheathed banana plugs or spade lug type connectors.




Brand: Beckhoff
Industry Focus: Automotive, General Manufacturing, Industrial
Product Type: Power Supplies

The comprehensive power supply portfolio offers single-phase and 3-phase DIN rail power supply units with output currents from 2.5 A to 40 A: from the PS1000 series for small, cost-optimized applications and the PS2000 series for the commonest standard applications to the PS3000 series for demanding 24 and 48 V DC applications.




Brand: Bel-Fuse
Industry Focus: Healthcare, Industrial
Product Type: Power Supplies

Bel Power Solutions recently announced the ABS601 (industrial) and MBS601 (medical) Series of convection cooled sealed power supplies which are fully potted and offer IP66/67/68 ingress protection. The ABS601 Series delivers a steady 600 W (800 W peak for 10 s) of regulated DC power in single 24 and 48 VDC main output voltages and a full set of protection features, while the MBS601 Series is designed and approved to comply with the latest medical equipment standards.




Brand: Bel-Fuse
Industry Focus: Healthcare
Product Type: Power Supplies

Bel Power Solutions recently announced the ABS400/MBS400 Series of convection cooled power supplies which are sealed and fully potted, offer IP67 ingress protection and fit 1U applications. These power supplies may be mounted for conduction or convection cooling and are rated at 300 W in still air and 400 W with conduction via the optional heat sink.




Industry Focus: Marine/Offshore, Transportation
Product Type: Power Supplies

EnerSys is teaming up with TravelCenters of America (TA) to offer ODYSSEY Performance and NorthStar PRO Group 31 batteries for heavy duty applications in all TA locations throughout the United States. As part of this exclusive agreement, purchase of any of the ODYSSEY and NorthStar Group 31 batteries through a TA supplier will include a limited four-year full replacement warranty. NorthStar PRO Group 31 batteries have been available for purchase at TA Truck Service Centers since May 2020.




Brand: Bel-Fuse
Industry Focus: Data
Product Type: Power Supplies

Bel Power Solutions recently announced the TET1500 Series power supply for servers, routers, network switches and other high availability applications such as storage appliances. This Titanium efficiency 1500 W power supply converts standard AC or high-voltage DC (HVDC) into a main 12 Vdc output for powering intermediate bus architectures in information and communications technology (ICT) equipment.




Brand: Bel-Fuse
Industry Focus: Automotive, Healthcare, Industrial
Product Type: Power Supplies

Bel Power Solutions announces the ABC601 Series of open frame power supplies which are ideal for both industrial and medical applications and are available in a variety of single output voltages. The ABC601 Series provides a steady 600 W of regulated DC power through the full 85 to 305 VAC input range with 800 W, 10 s peak capability. The series comes in 24, 28, 36 and 48 VDC standard output voltages and in two packages, U-frame chassis or enclosed, with a front-mounted fan, offering 12 and 5 VSB standby outputs and a full set of protection features.




Brand: Phoenix Contact
Industry Focus: General Manufacturing, Industrial, Power Distribution & Energy
Product Type: Power Supplies

Phoenix Contact’s newest TRIO DC/DC converter accepts an extremely wide input range of 510 V DC to 1650 V DC and converts that voltage to a regulated 24 V DC. This high-voltage range makes it ideal for solar and railway applications, but the converter can be used anywhere that requires conversion of a high DC voltage to a stable 24 V DC output.




Editor's Pick: Featured Product News


The new Prosense Basic series of proximity sensors offer great value for general industrial applications.

These round inductive proximity sensors made from nickel-plated brass are offered in barrel sizes from 8mm to 30mm. Flush and non-flush mount styles are available in sensing distances up to 15mm and offer an LCP (liquid crystal polymer) active face.

PNP logic models are available with either a N.O. or N.C. output; NPN logic is also available with a N.O. output.

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