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April 13, 2020

Feature-rich modular design engineered to deliver rugged, dependable service for years to come. Incorporates a wide selection of state-of-the-art product components.

Designed and manufactured to tackle the toughest power and process control challenges, the Schneider Electric Model 6 Motor Control Centre (MCC) features innovations that provide unmatched performance, high reliability and low maintenance. The Model 6 MCC integrates industry-leading components into the most flexible and smallest footprint possible to meet your power, control and automation needs. Model 6 MCC provides superior performance and reliable operation with enhanced safety features.

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  • Standard Structure Height 90 inches
  • Voltage Rating 208 through 600 volts; 3 phase; 3 or 4 wire
  • Enclosure Type NEMA Type 1, Type 1 gasketed, Type 12 and Type 3R
  • Optionally available in an arc resistant enclosure
  • Horizontal Bus Rating 600, 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, 2500 and 3200 amps
  • Horizontal Ground Bus Rating 300 and 600 amps
  • Vertical Bus Rating 300, 600, 1000 and 1200 amps
  • Bus Withstand Rating 42kA, 65kA, 85kA, and 100kA
  • Optionally available as an intelligent motor control centre (iMCC) solution
  • Plug-in Unit Shutters Manual (standard) and Automatic (optional)




  •  -   The Schneider Electric Model 6 MCC reflects our commitment to manufacture the highest quality motor control centre with the structural dependability to meet years of demanding service requirements
  •  -   Developed using Six Sigma methodology
  •  -   Field proven, the exclusive frame profile provides a strong, durable structure that protects the internal power, control and automation components in the most severe applications
  •  -   Integral bus system provides withstand ratings of up to 100kA and is verified and certified by CSA per applicable standards


  •  -   Customer-driven features for improved usability
  •  -   Compatible with a wide range of Schneider Electric components including Powerpact® Motor Circuit Protectors, TeSys T Motor Management Controllers and Altivar AC Drives
  •  -   Available as an “intelligent” solution: intelligent components in a communication network or pre-wired distributed I/O


  •  -   Fast and simple commissioning with intelligent tools
  •  -   Industry-exclusive, full-depth vertical wireway
  •  -   Horizontal bus located at the top of the structure for easy installation, inspection and maintenance without the need to remove units
  •  -   Captive horizontal splice bars prevent bar loss and make connecting sections quick and simple

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RAFI has enhanced its RAFIX 30 FS+ illuminated pushbutton offering with the introduction of a stainless steel version. The sleek, modern design is available with optional LED ring lighting for stylish indication. Commonly used in automation, automotive, industrial and off-road vehicle applications, the RAFIX 30 FS+ illuminated pushbutton delivers clear and distinct tactile feedback, even through gloves.

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Condition monitoring of critical components on machines delivers enormous benefits to productivity in a plant.  Rather than have a motor, pump, or compressor unexpectedly fail and the machine be inoperable until a replacement part is installed, condition monitoring of those critical pieces on the machine can provide warning signs that something is about to go terribly wrong. Vibration measurements on rotating equipment can detect when there is imbalance or degrade on rolling bearing elements. 

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Unplanned downtime threatens productivity and profit across industrial and commercial sectors. In a recent survey of these customers, 20% rate reaching zero unplanned downtime as their top priority, and 70% consider it a “very high priority.”

 Often, downtime comes as a surprise because facility operators lack visibility into their operations. Hardware failures and malfunctions account for 45% of downtime incidents – but 71% of field service decision makers aren’t fully aware of their assets’ maintenance schedule.

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Those of you in the food industry are already familiar with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)—a law that focuses on preventing contamination, rather than reacting to the problem after the fact. A big part of FSMA compliance has to do with the design of plant equipment, which includes the electrical components that provide power to manufacturing lines.

Fortunately, MENNEKES offers a variety of electrical products that make FSMA compliance easier than ever. Let’s explore this topic in our new blog post.

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