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Industry Focus: Transportation
Product Type: Embedded Control

Parker Aerospace designs and manufactures a family of adaptable and scalable controllers such as our remote electronics unit (REU). REU products and technologies are used in the most advanced fly-by-wire systems today providing precise closed-loop actuation control. With the worldwide trend toward reduced aircraft wire weight, the REU provides for local actuator control signaled by high integrity data buses, significantly reducing the amount of aircraft wire needed.




Real-time, continuous, modular thermal monitoring with OSHA compliant safety features, UL approved & CE Certified (Pending Approval), no maintenance, easy installation & access, connected, and user-configurable for your most demanding applications. Suitable for commercial and industrial applications, SEM3T is a reliable and easily installed thermal monitoring solution which can monitor numerous locations within low voltage apparatus including bus joints, lug landings, bus ducts, transformers and circuit breakers.




Brand: Balluff
Industry Focus: Automotive, General Manufacturing, Industrial
Product Type: Power Supplies

Modern-day automation places demands on the efficiency of each and every system. Balluff power supplies are designed by Balluff with control products in mind, so you can be sure they will integrate perfectly with your control suite.




Transducers measure, isolate, and convert electrical parameters into industry standard DC output signals and broadcast results via communication interface options such as RS232 and the Modbus digital protocol. These vibration resistant transducers protect against high voltage and overload. Integra transducers measure up to 50 electrical and power quality parameters and offer up to four user-programmable analogue outputs.




Brand: Grace
Industry Focus: Automotive, General Manufacturing, Industrial
Product Type: Test and Measurement

Electrical system breakdowns are a leading cause of equipment and business interruption losses. It’s a growing problem and the losses can be substantial. A common factor in determining the reliability and uptime of an electrical system is the condition and the availability of the power distribution equipment such as medium voltage and low voltage switchgear, transfer switches and MCCs used in the downstream.




Industry Focus: Automotive, Power Distribution & Energy
Product Type: Switches/Indicators/Relays/Solenoids

The AF0500 is a microprocessor-based arc-flash protection relay that limits arc-fault damage by detecting the light from an arc flash and rapidly tripping the feeder breaker. The unit is well suited for switchgear, transformer, motor controls center and power converter applications. Sensors, inputs, and connections are health monitored to ensure fail-safe operation. A secondary solid-state trip circuit provides a redundant trip path.




Brand: AutomationDirect
Industry Focus: General Manufacturing, Industrial
Product Type: Switches/Indicators/Relays/Solenoids

AutomationDirect has added new Dold timer relays, which provide timed control for industrial controls and building automation applications. The MK series timer relays are ideal for applications such as process, machine tool, and safety control. These timers are available as cyclic, off-delay, on-delay, and multi-function types, with models that include up to 8 functions in one unit.




The Integra Ri3 dms is an accurate and cost effective solution for measurement and display of all major electrical and power quality parameters with easy programming and user friendly navigation in DIN 43880 enclosure. The product features a DIN-rail enclosure, backlit LCD display and user programmable CT ratios, all accessible via an intuitive user interface.




Industry Focus: Automotive, General Manufacturing, Industrial
Product Type: Tools for Panel Builders

These lockout/tagout kits from Uline protect workers from serious injury.   -   Large deep carrying cases with reinforced latch. - Electrical Lockout / Tagout Kit – Lock out circuit - Breakers and wall switches. - Valve Lockout / Tagout Kit – Lock out water pipes that have gate and ball valves. - Kit Refills available.




Industry Focus: Data, Power Distribution & Energy
Product Type: Test and Measurement

Quality engineered energy submeters provides a simple robust solution for power monitoring, power quality analysis, kWh metering, system integration, controlling power distribution systems & other speciality applications. The Acuvim II is a high-end multifunction power meter for monitoring and controlling power distribution systems. Plug-in modules expand the I/O capabilities.




Editor's Pick: Featured Product News


The new Prosense Basic series of proximity sensors offer great value for general industrial applications.

These round inductive proximity sensors made from nickel-plated brass are offered in barrel sizes from 8mm to 30mm. Flush and non-flush mount styles are available in sensing distances up to 15mm and offer an LCP (liquid crystal polymer) active face.

PNP logic models are available with either a N.O. or N.C. output; NPN logic is also available with a N.O. output.

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Article Feature - Monthly Industry Focus

Pepperl+Fuchs has introduced a Bebco EPS® purge and pressurization system designed specifically for use with large enclosures in Zone 1 hazardous areas. The 6100 series purge and pressurization system can purge an enclosure over 450 cubic feet (12.2 cubic meters), making it the largest purging system available from Pepperl+Fuchs. The 6100 series system is perfect for applications in the chemical/petrochemical and oil and gas industries.

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News for Panel Builders

News for Panel Builders
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Orion Fans IP69K-rated AC and DC fans are the optimal solution for restrictive environments. The IP69K rating ensures that no damage will occur to electronics during washdown procedures and that no contaminants will enter the fan motor. These fans are rigorously spray tested with 80°C water every 30 seconds with the spray nozzle being 4-6 inches from the fan. The water sprays from 4 angles and is considered a high-pressure stream.

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To maintain compliance with OSHA lockout/tagout standard 1910.147, it is required to perform annual inspections of both the procedures and employee competency in lockout/tagout practices. Annual audits are an important part of a lockout/tagout program because audits can reveal inconsistencies and problems.

When it comes to annual audits, there are three main steps to complete:

  •    -   LOTO procedure audit
  •    -   Authorized employee compliance review
  •    -   Addressing any deficiencies in people, procedures, and processes

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Variations in the printing or marking method of barcodes and direct part marks (DPMs) - including poor ink distribution, incorrect thermal printer heat settings, or uneven pressure in surface abrasion - can hamper readability. Since no-reads can make production inefficient, it's important to understand the types of print/mark inconsistencies and their causes.

Here, each category of inconsistency will be defined and then some possible solutions discussed.


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Molex recently unveiled the results of a global survey of automotive decision makers depicting top trends and technologies impacting “car of the future” strategies and business decisions. Survey findings validate the critical role of data, software and networking in enabling electrification and connectivity—identified as the two most important areas of innovation.

“It’s an exciting time in the automotive industry, and this survey underscores the accelerated pace of investment and innovation,” said Mike Bloomgren, SVP, president, Transportation & Industrial Solutions, Molex. “The results also reinforce our mission to design and deliver critical electronics solutions that form the central nervous system of tomorrow’s connected cars.”

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