Panel Builder US

January 21, 2021

Meeting the demand for fast, flexible and customized operations requires manufacturers to use updated flexible, cutting-edge processes. To accomplish this, they must drive integration and create differentiation throughout the entire manufacturing process. This is difficult because many traditional automotive manufacturers rely on antiquated, chain-based conveyor systems in their assembly process and don’t have infrastructures in place that can safely connect, manage, validate, and optimize all aspects of their production.

Moving large parts across the plant floor, unforeseen safety incidents, and inconsistent transport systems can often slow down production and cause loss of production efficiency.

Yet, this is how most manufacturers currently operate, with no foreseeable plans to improve.

What if your factory could better meet these evolving demands? Do you know what the factory of the future looks like? Do you know what it takes to make sure that your operations have the necessary flexibility for highly specialized applications and numerous customizations?

The solution may surprise you.