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June 10, 2020

Supervisory control and data acquisition - abbreviated as "SCADA" - is a control system architecture that combines high-level process management with remote access to peripheral devices like programmable logic controllers (PLCs). SCADA systems allow facilities to control and monitor their machines and processes and collect and analyze data from a central location.

The key ingredient of SCADA is an Industrial PC (IPC) system that can process data in real time, interact with factory floor devices (like sensors, motors and pumps), and record any noteworthy occurrences into a log file. This architecture improves efficiency and decision-making while reducing downtime. Omron offers a range of IPC systems to host SCADA packages.

Omron have put a lot of effort into helping their customers get the greatest value from SCADA architecture. In particular, they’ve leveraged their partnership with InduSoft, a company that creates powerful human-machine interface (HMI) SCADA development software, to support exceptional performance of applications using Omron controllers and networks.

This joint venture combines InduSoft’s Web Studio SCADA development and runtime software with Omron's middleware to enable native connectivity to supported Omron products and offline simulation capabilities. It’s the ideal solution for systems featuring a mix of Omron and third-party automation products, multiple databases and remote system access via web deployment.

Key features and benefits include:

  •   -  Complete system interconnectivity with native support for 240+ device drivers and databases
  •   -  Easy web deployment for mobile applications and remote monitoring and control
  •   -  Highest data integrity and reliability though redundant server technology
  •   -  Extensive graphic library and graphical tools for user customization
  •   -  Compatibility with all versions of Windows and Windows Server operating systems as well as previous versions of InduSoft
  •   -  A single license to manage all features and add-ons
  •   -  The most advanced interface to Omron controllers and networks

Thanks to this powerful solution, manufacturers currently using automation products from a variety of vendors (including Omron) now have an easy way to tie everything together.

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