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March 3, 2020

Allied Electronics & Automation has reached a new milestone in its effort to deliver a superior customer experience – the company now boasts more than 1.1 million datasheets on its website, with more being added every day. Accurate, up-to-date product data helps ensure engineers, designers, purchasers, maintenance repair operators, fleet managers and inventors can locate and procure the exact components, tools and supplies they need from the extensive Allied inventory.

“Customer experience is one of our most important values at Allied,” said Stacey Ostermann, Director of Digital Product Content & Content Management at Allied. “Our customers are continuously requesting more detailed information on the products they buy, and we see datasheets as a key component of our overall product information experience.”

The online catalog of more than 1.1 million datasheets is only part of the Allied effort to better serve customers, both large and small. As part of its commitment to customer experience, the company also boasts:

“No matter the size of the customer or the order, providing a superior customer experience is at the absolute core of the Allied brand,” said Fal Dieso, Director of Brand Strategy and Supplier Marketing at Allied. “Our datasheets and 360-degree imaging give our customers the advantage of more easily ordering the correct products. Our tens of thousands of ready-to-ship products, combined with our industry-best shipping cut-off time and high ship-to-order accuracy means our customers get the products they need, when and where they need them.”

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