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June 22, 2020

The DC module “Direct current” is an additional module of elec calc. It allows the design and sizing of low voltage electrical installations in direct current, up to a voltage of 1500 VDC. Completely integrated into the elec calc software, it maintains all of its functionality and ergonomics and allows the creation of installations mixing DC and AC parts.

It meets the sizing needs of auxiliary networks (control and command) and general distribution, excluding those relating to specific standardization or regulations (photovoltaics, rail traction, etc…).


Being part of low voltage networks, the applicable electrical installation standards are identical to those of AC networks, mainly those of the IEC 60364 series or their national versions. For the calculation of short-circuit currents, reference should be made to the series of standards IEC 61660.


The following DC sources are managed for a 2-wire power supply with TNC, TNS, or IT earthing system:

  •   -  Rectifier only: the essential input data are nominal power, cos ϕ, efficiency, output voltage, maximum short-circuit current, and its holding time.
  •   -  Battery: the essential input data are the output voltage and the maximum short-circuit current. Capacity can be indicated for information.
  •   -  Rectifier/battery assembly: the input data is a combination of that of the two constituent elements.

The following receivers are managed in the DC module:

  •   -  Plugs/sockets (single or multiple)
  •   -  Lighting (single or multiple)
  •   -  Resistive loads (single or multiple)
  •   -  Generic receivers

The following switching and protection devices are managed in the DC module:

  •   -  Switches
  •   -  Contactors
  •   -  Fuses
  •   -  Thermal magnetic circuit breakers
  •   -  Magnetic only circuit breakers


The following calculations are carried out like for AC installations in accordance with the aforementioned reference documents:

  •   -  Design currents and power balance
  •   -  Cable sizing
  •   -  Calculation of short-circuit currents
  •   -  Sizing of overload and short-circuit protections
  •   -  Calculation of voltage drops
  •   -  Calculation of thermal stresses

elec calc performs all the verifications which guarantee compliance with the reference documents and reports, where applicable, the alert or non-compliance points detected.


The switching and protection devices used in direct current have different characteristics from those used in alternating current. In addition, for multiple switches and circuit-breakers, it is necessary to manage the different cablings of the poles in order to have the relevant data. Note also that the breaking capacity of circuit-breakers is dependent on the network time constant (L / R ratio) which must, therefore, be known.

elec calc provides users with specific manufacturer catalogs for the switching and protection devices used in DC. The user can also manage his own catalogs as for the other components.

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Editor's Pick: Featured Product News


Extremely space-saving and flexible

The C60xx series of scalable ultra-compact Industrial PCs combines maximum computing power in what is currently the most compact format with a wide range of options for installation in the control cabinet. It is ideally suited for control, visualization and communication, for example into the cloud.

The latest Intel processors − in three different performance classes, from the Intel Atom with one core to the Intel Core i7 with eight cores – offer maximum scalability and power density with an optimal price-performance ratio.

Performance classes and application areas

The C601x series offers Intel Atom computing power for a wide range of automation and visualization tasks. Due to their impressive computing power in relation to their size, the PCs are mainly suited for use in Industrie 4.0 applications, for example as an IoT gateway.

The C603x series unites high-performance Intel Core-i processors with extremely compact housing dimensions. The processors from the 65 W class have only been used in the much larger ATX-based Industrial PCs up to now. The devices thus represent a new dimension in terms of power density. They are suitable above all for particularly complex automation and visualization tasks, but also for a wide range of other applications in the field of image processing, the handling of large volumes of data and in the IoT environment.

The C602x series is the link between the C601x and the C603x, and the fanless integration of Intel Core-i-U processors of the 15 W class opens up new application areas and options.

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TE Connectivity has recently upgraded its rugged, high-speed Mezalok mezzanine connector family to support the growing demand for higher data rates and improved processing power in military electronics. The upgraded connectors have increased data rate support up to 32+ Gb/s. The Mezalok connector family has been designed specifically for mezzanine cards in rugged applications and is standardized as the interconnect for XMC 2.0 (VITA 61). Rapidly evolving technologies in signal intelligence, radar, communications and surveillance are driving the need for more powerful embedded computing solutions. 

Mezzanine cards are often used to provide additional functionality and processing capability within a small form factor. TE designed the Mezalok connector family to support these applications. Typical applications include application-specific high-speed input/output (I/O) protocols, graphics, memory and digital-signal processing.

“New designs in rugged embedded computing require higher speeds and high pin counts in order to pack more functionality into smaller plug-in modules,” said Jason Dorwart, product manager for TE’s Aerospace, Defense and Marine division. “TE recognizes this trend and is continuing to build on this platform to help solve customer needs, offering new options in stack height, pin density and higher speeds, giving the system designer a broader solution set to work with when needing a fast, rugged and reliable mezzanine connector for extreme environments.” 

TE’s highly reliable Mezalok mezzanine connectors more than double the speed and durability of competing technology, making it one of the most viable options for today’s military and commercial aerospace applications.

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Article Feature - Monthly Industry Focus


For their next meeting with an OEM or system integrator, can panel builders simply grab their smartphone and project the digital prototype of a control cabinet onto the desk of the managing director? Or right into the customer’s production facility? This admittedly sounds fantastical – but is already a reality. The new augmented reality (AR) add-on for the EPLAN eVIEW Free cloud software, in combination with the free Vuforia app from PTC, enables the free projection of completely assembled control cabinet into virtual space.

With EPLAN eVIEW Free AR, a new augmented reality (AR) application, EPLAN now brings the digital twin wherever users happen to find themselves. Designers can share their 3D designs of the control cabinet layout from EPLAN Pro Panel with co-workers and business partners via the cloud. EPLAN Program Manager Digitalisation Tim Oerter oversees the development of AR solutions and explains how to get started with EPLAN eVIEW Free AR: “A control cabinet is constructed in EPLAN Pro Panel and subsequently uploaded to the EPLAN ePULSE cloud environment. This makes it possible to share 3D designs with other users within an ePULSE organisation.” This also automatically generates both a link and a QR code that can be forwarded to the desired recipients. They can then use their smartphone or tablet computer to scan the code using the gratis app Vuforia View from PTC. Now the 3D design can be displayed anywhere using the camera of the end device – and can thus be projected onto a desktop or in the production environment as examples. Changes can also be made by touching any control cabinet components: simply tap the component and the system opens the 2D view of the schematics, for instance for further finetuning using the redlining and greenlining functions.

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