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Brand: Pepperl+Fuchs
Industry Focus: Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Water & Waste Water
Product Type: Displays/HMI


Pepperl+Fuchs, Inc. recently announced the inclusion of several HMIs into Rockwell Automation’s Encompass Program. The Encompass Partner Program is part of the PartnerNetwork. Joining several other of Pepperl+Fuchs’ products in this Program are the Div 1 Edge Series HMI and the Zone 1/21 VisuNet GXP System. The VisuNet Edge is an all-weather workstation optimized for washdown areas up to Div 1.




Brand: ABB
Industry Focus: Mining, Oil & Gas, Water & Waste Water
Product Type: Embedded Control


ABB has recently announced the release of ReliaGear LV MCC. The low voltage motor control center is built for simplicity and durability. Designed for safety, this low-voltage MCC was created to meet customer needs across a wide range of applications with a focus on smart MCC solutions. ReliaGear LV MCC is UL/cUL 845 listed and available globally in all ANSI markets where NEMA standards are prevalent and/or required.




Brand: Yokogawa
Industry Focus: Automotive, Food & Beverage, General Manufacturing, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Power Distribution & Energy, Water & Waste Water
Product Type: Control Software

On January 20, 2021, Yokogawa Electric Corporation announced that it would be releasing CENTUM VP R6.08, an enhanced version of the CENTUM VP integrated production control system for industrial plants, and released it two days later on January 22. CENTUM VP is a core product in the OpreX Control and Safety System solutions family. This release delivers enhancements that drastically reduce the amount of work needed to upgrade a control system's CPU module, including a newly developed utility kit and standards certification for individual CPU modules.




Brand: Hammond Manufacturing
Industry Focus: General Manufacturing, Industrial, Marine/Offshore, Oil & Gas, Water & Waste Water
Product Type: Enclosures

Designed to house electrical, electronic, hydraulic or pneumatic controls and instruments, the Type 4 two-door freestanding enclosure from Hammond Manufacturing provides protection where equipment may be hosed down or otherwise be very wet, or in specific applications.




Brand: IDEC
Industry Focus: Building Controls, General Manufacturing, Industrial, Water & Waste Water
Product Type: Switches/Indicators/Relays/Solenoids

Get smart with the fully programmable IDEC SmartRelay, a compact, expandable CPU that can replace multiple timers, relays and counters. Each CPU houses a real-time clock and calendar, and supports optional expansion I/O modules to enhance your control and monitoring applications. Program and edit using either the on-board selection buttons and display interface, or our programming software, WindLGC.




Industry Focus: Automotive, Building Controls, Data, Food & Beverage, General Manufacturing, Healthcare, Industrial, Marine/Offshore, Mining, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Power Distribution & Energy, Transportation, Water & Waste Water
Product Type: Tools for Panel Builders

The innovative MARKINGENIUS® MG3 technology offers a universal and fast identification system. The thermal transfer printer quickly marks any brand of terminal blocks, and also creates wire markers, panel rating plates, push button legends and more.

Brand: Schurter
Industry Focus: Food & Beverage, General Manufacturing, Healthcare, Industrial, Marine/Offshore, Water & Waste Water
Product Type: Switches/Indicators/Relays/Solenoids

Designed for harsh environments, the PSE piezoelectric switch comes with a pre-assembled polyurethane cable to offer maximum flexibility and the highest IP protection during installation. The housings of the factory assembled piezoelectric PSE family are made of stainless steel 1.4462. This steel is characterised by its particularly high resistance to corrosion, which is essential in areas with high humidity. The PSE switches offer maximum reliability and a long service life (20 million actuations). Hermetically sealed housings make the PSE with cable predestined for use in particularly harsh and inhospitable applications.


Rotork's Local Hand Station is an actuator control panel optimized to control actuators or field devices located in hazardous or inaccessible areas.  


With extended functionality and a high IP rating for flexible application, new BSP pressure sensors from Balluff feature a digital display that deliver diagnostic functions information including run hours, pressure peak counter and internal temperature trend.


NeonodeNeonode's zForce® Touch Solutions enables contact-free interaction with graphical user interface (GUIs), reducing pathogen transmission in hospitals and other public spaces.


Editor's Pick: Featured Product News


Data Centre and Plant Managers working in small and mid-sized businesses often find themselves searching their buildings for unused space to house the company’s IT and other enclosures.

Mailrooms, empty offices, janitors’ closets…all have been repurposed into data closets holding one to a few racks. This approach may be the right choice in terms of square footage needed, but when it comes to proper climate conditions for sensitive IT equipment, it could not be more wrong. At best, these spaces are cooled using only the building’s AC system. At worst? An open window.

A building’s existing air conditioning system (or combined heat and air conditioning system) is designed to create comfortable environments for employees – the reason they are sometimes referred to as “comfort systems.” When IT racks need to be placed somewhere on site, it’s thought that “any old room” will do because AC ductwork usually terminates in these spaces. However, the reality is that even if you were to add ducts to supplement the building’s AC, relying on a system designed for humans is not a good solution for IT equipment.

Server rooms need more targeted cooling to keep the temperature within a specific range and prevent the servers from overheating. According to ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers), the appropriate temperature range for server rooms is between 64.4 and 80.6 Fahrenheit. This requires a discrete cooling solution capable of monitoring and managing the temperature of both the equipment and the room. The same cooling system must also be capable of regulating humidity within the precise margins required by sensitive equipment. Finally, building HVAC will not provide sufficient airflow volume for heat removal from installed appliances; the CFM requirements for comfort cooling are significantly lower than airflow required to remove heat from the IT devices.

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