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Industry Focus: Data, General Manufacturing, Power Distribution & Energy
Product Type: Connctors/Cables/Terminal Blocks


Using an L32 B connector allows users to replace two size 16 B interfaces -- saving over 40% of installation space. This makes it possible to transmit power, signals and data with fewer interfaces and fewer components. It also cuts the time required to assemble interfaces. The resulting lower weight also benefits a number of other applications, e.g. in robotics. The solution not only saves space, it also makes a contribution to lower consumption - and thus stands for sustainable product design.





Schneider Electric recently announced the global launch of the Galaxy VL 200-500 kW (400V/480V) 3-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS), the newest addition to the Galaxy family. Available worldwide, this highly efficient, compact UPS offers up to 99 per cent efficiency in ECOnversion mode for a full return on investment within two years (model dependent) for medium and large data centres and commercial and industrial facilities.




Brand: Hammond Manufacturing
Industry Focus: Data, Industrial
Product Type: Thermal Management


Introducing the 125-1300W fan heater with built-in thermostat (-18 C to +38 C) (0 F to +100 F), designed to prevent condensation or maintain minimum temperature in enclosures. This fan heater features a Fan Auto/On switch with pilot light for Heat On indication, high temperature safety protection, and an aluminum alloy outer casing, and has a connection via terminal block.




Brand: AutomationDirect
Industry Focus: Data
Product Type: Drives/Loop Controllers/PAC's/PLC's


AutomationDirect’s BRX PLC Series has joined the Azure Certified Device program, ensuring customers get IoT solutions up and running quickly with hardware and software that has been pre-tested and verified to work with Azure IoT. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that offers customers many cloud-based services ranging from simple asset monitoring and data storage, to complex computing and analytics.




Brand: Weidmuller
Industry Focus: Data, General Manufacturing
Product Type: Connctors/Cables/Terminal Blocks


The new RockStar ModuPlug terminal block modules with PUSH IN connection technology re-invents control cabinet wiring. The innovative terminal solution in the connector frees up space in the cabinet and reduces the time needed for installation. Using the individual modules, combine all the necessary functions for power, signal, data and pneumatics transmission in a single interface.




Brand: Eaton
Industry Focus: Building Controls, Data, Healthcare, Industrial
Product Type: Circuit Protection


In early August of 2020, power management company Eaton announced the first panelboards and switchboards in the industry to feature real-time breaker health monitoring with the launch of the Pow-R-Line Xpert family of intelligent panelboards and switchboards. Seamlessly integrating Eaton’s Power Defense molded case circuit breaker technology, the combined solutions deliver accurate, actionable data to help professionals.




Brand: Klein Tools
Industry Focus: Data, Industrial, Power Distribution & Energy
Product Type: Tools for Panel Builders


Klein Tools, for professionals since 1857, recently introduced a new line of conduit benders, available in both heavy-duty cast iron and easy-to-handle reinforced aluminum, both featuring new patent pending Angle Setters that create a hard stop resulting in fast and accurate bends. “Klein Tools has always been an innovator in terms of designing tools, and this new line up of conduit benders is no exception to that,” says Dan Pearson, senior product manager at Klein Tools.




Brand: Roxtec
Industry Focus: Data, Healthcare, Power Distribution & Energy
Product Type: Test and Measurement


The new Roxtec electrical continuity test stick enables you to check the electrical performance of cable transit installations using Roxtec BG or ES sealing modules. Just attach it to the cable shield or armor during installation to ensure a measuring point outside each sealing module. Then use any electrical continuity tester to measure the resistance between the cable shield or armor and the frame to get a quick indication of the electrical performance of the system.




Brand: Rockwell Automation
Industry Focus: Data, Industrial, Oil & Gas
Product Type: Drives/Loop Controllers/PAC's/PLC's


Industries such as pulp and paper, automotive, tire and rubber, metals and water/wastewater may benefit from corrosive gas protection, which is now standard on Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755TL, TR and TM drives. These drives have been tested to one of the most severe corrosive environment test protocols that combines industry leading, 30-day exposure in mixed flow gas testing per ASTM B845 Method K with proprietary tests for industries with sources of gaseous sulfur compounds.




Industry Focus: Data, General Manufacturing, Industrial
Product Type: Drives/Loop Controllers/PAC's/PLC's


STOBER's more compact version for the encoderless Lean motor. The compact stand-alone SC6 drive controller allows for sensorless control of STOBER LM series Lean motors. These motors provide energy efficiency at the performance level of a synchronous servo motor. They also guarantee high investment protection, thanks to energy efficiency class IE5 and the corresponding higher efficiency compared to IE4 asynchronous motors.





Editor's Pick: Featured Product News


Data Centre and Plant Managers working in small and mid-sized businesses often find themselves searching their buildings for unused space to house the company’s IT and other enclosures.

Mailrooms, empty offices, janitors’ closets…all have been repurposed into data closets holding one to a few racks. This approach may be the right choice in terms of square footage needed, but when it comes to proper climate conditions for sensitive IT equipment, it could not be more wrong. At best, these spaces are cooled using only the building’s AC system. At worst? An open window.

A building’s existing air conditioning system (or combined heat and air conditioning system) is designed to create comfortable environments for employees – the reason they are sometimes referred to as “comfort systems.” When IT racks need to be placed somewhere on site, it’s thought that “any old room” will do because AC ductwork usually terminates in these spaces. However, the reality is that even if you were to add ducts to supplement the building’s AC, relying on a system designed for humans is not a good solution for IT equipment.

Server rooms need more targeted cooling to keep the temperature within a specific range and prevent the servers from overheating. According to ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers), the appropriate temperature range for server rooms is between 64.4 and 80.6 Fahrenheit. This requires a discrete cooling solution capable of monitoring and managing the temperature of both the equipment and the room. The same cooling system must also be capable of regulating humidity within the precise margins required by sensitive equipment. Finally, building HVAC will not provide sufficient airflow volume for heat removal from installed appliances; the CFM requirements for comfort cooling are significantly lower than airflow required to remove heat from the IT devices.

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Using an L32 B connector allows users to replace two size 16 B interfaces -- saving over 40% of ...
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